Want to look good — online and in print?

You’ve finished the writing; great! But are you sure about what you’ve written?

Does it really say what you mean? Have you made any errors without realising it?

This is where editing helps you. A second set of eyes — mine — backed with knowledge and experience, will give you confidence.

Together, we’ll create your most persuasive and readable documents — web content, newsletters, reports, fiction, brochures, advertisements and other info texts, long or short.

After editing, your writing will be…

  • accurate
  • clear
  • credible
  • concise
  • logical
  • persuasive
  • interesting
  • suitable for its context.

Don’t like writing? I love it!

Just give me your raw data, and I’ll do the writing for you, if you wish. You’ll get the same results, above.

I’ll even desktop publish it, if you need that “wow” factor of thoughtful typesetting and smart layout to draw the reader in.

And if you want to learn how to develop your writing skills, I will train you or your team.

Let me help you, now.